A new journal co-founded by UNIC and AUTh

The Laboratory for Black Sea and Mediterranean Studies (Faculty of Political and Economic Sciences, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) and the School of Law of the University on Nicosia cordially announce their new partnership for the operation of the Black Sea and Eastern Mediterranean Review (BSEMR).

BSEMR is an open access peer reviewed e-journal focusing on the Black Sea and Eastern Mediterranean (BSEM), the first of this kind. It aims to publish and promote original research pertinent to the BSEM on a variety of disciplines, including politics and international relations, history, social and economic issues, energy, sustainable development, governance, culture and education. The broader purpose is to shape discussion of the regional issues through a rigorous scholarship selection and editing process. Meeting the highest international standards, the BSEMR aims to widely disseminate its content and engage in an international dialogue on regional issues.

The BSEM is not exclusively approached as a geographic area that spans three continents, but also as a broader human and cultural space that bridges diverse ancient and contemporary civilizations, as well as different social, political and economic systems of governance. In this framework, the BSEMR aspires to promote not only interdisciplinary but also cross-cultural and intercultural research in ways that may develop existing scholarly knowledge and promote regional and international cooperation, sustainability, peace and stability. Articles submitted to BSEMR may also focus on particular countries in the BSEM, or other forms of entities (governmental or non-governmental organizations, sub-state entities, social groups, private institutions etc.).

The journal’s content may include scholarly research papers, brief analysis articles on current affairs and book reviews. Research papers constitute the main part of the journal and they should be based on
a combination of substantive theoretical and empirical analysis. For research papers the journal issues general or themed open calls regularly twice a year. The submission of research papers is followed by an editorial review and, if deemed publishable in the first place, double-blind peer review. Brief analysis articles and book reviews may be submitted by invitation.

The BSEMR is jointly managed by the co-founding institutions. All decisions regarding the content, the calls and other related matters are made by the Editorial Committee. The composition of the Editorial Committee includes faculty members from both institutions. The Editorial Board is composed of high-profile academics from the co- founding Universities, as well as from other Universities in the BSEM or internationally.

The composition of the Editorial Committee and the Editorial Board, as well as the website and the first open call for contributions will be announced shortly.